10 September 2016

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This school year Rainbow has produced brand NEW school Stuff with the Winx girls in their season 7 fashion style and trasformations! 

Today we'll take a look at the #BackToSchool Winx stuff that you can already buy in Albania (Europe)

Winx doodle little bag Price 15,97(euro)

Winx Butterflix Bag -- Price 15,97(euro)

Winx Butterflix Superlight Bag -- Price 48,36€ (euro)

Winx Double Pencilcase -- Price 14,02€ (euro)

Winx Schoolbag -- Price 48,36€ (euro)

For now, i've found only those. What do you think, are they better or uglier than the last years and seaons Winx merchandise? Comment below!

21 July 2016

Winx Summer Tour - Acqui Terme!

Dear Fairies, the Winx summer tour continues its magical journey at Acqui Terme on 30 July. 

It will start at 18:30 with: Activities and Labs until  21.00 Winx Magical show  

♥ Acqui Terme is a city and comune of Piedmont, northern Italy, in the province of Alessandria. 

And here is the full program: 

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11 July 2016

Hello Winx Fans!

We have started a big petition asking Rainbow S.r.l to bring back on stores the old Winx Witty Toys dolls! 

Many of you don't know the difference so i'm gonna explain it. 

Sign here! - https://www.change.org/p/rainbow-s-r-l-we-want-the-old-winx-club-dolls-witty-toys-rainbow-smoby-back

We will do EVERYTHING to deliever this to Rainbow and get an answer!

The doll on the left it's an old one. You can notice that the face has different eyes which are very similar to Bloom's one in the show. Every old doll had an unique make up which was truly stunning. Clothes were better. HAIR had an amazing quality and just look at the new ones they are a total crap. 

That's not the only bad thing, in the petition i have written everything that is wrong with them:

→ Their prices were affordable and normal for a doll. Old Believix was max 20€ but now Mythix is 34€ and Butterflix 45€ !! Will the next transformations be 55, 60, till 70€? We are not living in the best economy era, they are dolls, NOT gold jewelry. To not talk about that only the dolls are included and just a brush? Does that excuse the expensive price?
→ Hair quality. The new dolls have terrible hair quality! Plastic that cannot be brushed. Every bloom doll has different hair quality and it's AWFUL! Nothing compared to the old Witty dolls. Same for the other girls.
→ Eyes. Those dolls have all the same eyes taken from Jakks ones. No make-up and if they do they have the same glitter one. The old eyes were AMAZING, each Winx girl had their own eye shape and BEAUTIFUL colourish make-up. Every fashion line had different make up on each Winx girl. That was truly stunning.
→ Legs. The old legs were normal and posable. The new ones not only have a terrible look, but the dolls can't stand properly without falling. To not mention the numerous claims of parents on Amazon.it about their terrible quality - legs break in some hours of playing - 
→ Boxes. Some boxes had their own Winx featured and different colours. Now they all have the same shape and colours which is truly disappointing. 
If you agree with us sign the petition and tell your friends!
#Winx #WinxClub #WinxNews #WinxDolls #WittyToys

17 June 2016

For the fairy who loves nail art: The Winx Magic Lab has arrived! Choose your favourite Winx decorations and personalize your look with the Stamper Kit! Decorating your nails has never been more fun!

24 May 2016

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■ The Turkish shoes company FLO is in Albania and they'have updated the kids shoes bringing the newest Butterflix ones! 

They have updated not only the shoes but their boxes too! So i went there and took a bunch of photos, take a look at them, they are gorgeous!

■ The Greek shop Jumbo is in Albania too and they have updated some of the Winx stuff in the newest Butterflix ones too!

■ Butterflix Hats

■ Butterflix Flip Flops

30 April 2016

Everyday we are getting new info and promo's about Winx WOW: World Of Winx. Today i will reveal the villian Official name and one of his special abilities. 

His name is JIM and he has the ability to disappear. 
He wears from the top to the bottom sportive clothes.

Check out a Winx WOW episode preview: Click here

Read Please

Read Please

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